What makes a good vinyl album?


What makes a good vinyl album?

What is it?

Also known as a phonograph record, the vinyl album is a manual sound storage disc consisting of modulated circular grooves on the surface, which play music when the disc rotates around a playing device. Since the sounds recorded in vinyl format are original, they are usually clearer and more refined than modern-day MP3s which are first converted by a computer system before storage.

Moreover, no audio data can ever be lost in this kind of album, something that occurs frequently in other types of music files which are usually compressed to take up as little space as possible. While vinyl is a great way of storing music, you still need to know how to choose the best albums to own on vinyl that will serve you well. Below are some of the factors to look for:

Qualities of a good vinyl album

I) Moderate size and rotating speed

These music devices come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer. Generally, the smaller the LP disc the faster it spins and vice versa, meaning the music coming from a small-sized recorder may feel somewhat rushed, whereas that of a big vinyl can sound too slow for the ear. The best solution is finding a vinyl album that’s moderately sized and therefore produces quality music at the correct tempo.

Typically, there are 3 disc sizes that you can choose from and these include; the 7-inch record which rotates at a speed of 45 RPM and can only play for 5 minutes on each side, 12-inch disc spinning at 33 RPM and holding 22 minutes of music on either side, as well as the rarest which is 10-inch disc that plays at 78 RPM.

II) Should be compatible with your record player’s tonearm and stylus

The tonearm is the component which spins across the disc, thus allowing the needle (stylus) to touch the record and produce music. Since LP players are unique in construction, their tonearm design impacts greatly on the accuracy and consistency of your disc’s rotation. Therefore, it’s good to know which types of vinyl are most suitable to use for your player’s tonearm, so that it doesn’t keep on skipping and disrupting the sound flow. Learn more about the history of music by clicking this link.

III) Made from high-quality anti scratch material