Things You Need To Know Before Buying Wireless Headphones


Things You Need To Know Before Buying Wireless Headphones

There was a simultaneous increase in the use of headphones with the use of mobiles. It would not be an understatement we say that there a lot of people who really find it difficult to survive without earphones. It is during the time of commute that headphones are used extensively.

Let us admit the fact that even though we are very much dependant on headphones, the most annoying part of the headphone is the wire. To rid of the tangles is one of the most irritating things to do. Thanks to the development in technology we are now able to enjoy music with wireless headphones. Here are a few things that you should know before buying a wireless headphone.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is one of the most important things that need to be considered. Even though there are various modes of connectivity like radio frequency and infrared, the most commonly used technology is Bluetooth. But Bluetooth connectivity was never designed for quality sound production. So if you are expecting good quality audio, then it is better to go with some budget studio headphones with aptx technology. The aptx technology makes sure that the audio of good quality is delivered.

Foam, comfort, and size

These three things are more about the physical attributes of the headphone. These aspects should be given importance because we are going to use these headphones for at least two hours on a daily basis. We must make sure that it fits properly. Compromising on these things does not make any sense; because we are using the headphones to hear music and relax our minds. If at all we are not finding it comfortable, then it really doesn’t solve the purpose.

Controls and pairing

In wired headphones, the controls like increase and decrease in volume; play and pause are usually found in the wire. But in wireless phones, the controls are placed on the earpieces. Even though most of the earphones use the conventional buttons, there are few that use touch controls and voice commands.

Most of the wireless headphones use Bluetooth to pair with devices. There are some that use the NFC functionality. There are some headphones that use both. You can either use Bluetooth, or you can use NFC to pair the devices.

Battery Life

Since there is no direct connection with wires, the headphones must be charged to use them. Hence battery life of the headphones is one of the important things. Most of the wireless headphones can be used for three to four hours if charged fully. If you are a person who is using the wireless headphones on a daily basis, it is better to charge them regularly.


The price is one of the important things which is the ultimate deciding factor. Wireless headphones are a bit expensive when compared to the normal ones. We must understand the fact that good quality comes with a good price. So decide on the purpose for you are going to use the headphones. If it is something professional then you can go for expensive ones. If you are going to use for casual purposes, then go for the normal ones.