Reviewing Our Favorite Apps for TV and Music in 2018

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Reviewing Our Favorite Apps for TV and Music in 2018

Millions of TV shows and apps are seen around. Many are on YouTube enjoying themselves with the latest music albums and hits from top musicians. Well, so far which have been the most intriguing, and mind-blowing shows and TV apps or music apps online? Several platforms online seek to gain the attention of the public by offering a lot of services. For instance, Youtube displays every deal of videos that are uploaded to the Internet. Google is busy ranking sites and helping you to find information. Twitter offers the most trending gist. The kids too? There are tons of shows, movies and games and music apps that keep them very busy.
Quickly, we will be reviewing our favorite apps for TV and music in 2018.

1. YouTube

Everybody knows Youtube. This is probably the most engaging TV and music application online. Millions of movies and music videos have been continuously uploaded, viewed and downloaded via Youtube daily. If we looked through another lens, Youtube has an app where many musicians promote their music videos and get popular online. Download the app to see lots of music and TV channels will be displayed for you to select from.

2. Netflix
The Californian popular VOD (video on demand) service has been on the scene for quite some time now. Unlike Youtube, Netflix app is used to stream varieties of TV shows and movies for the most part. To use the Netflix you have to subscribe to the platform on a daily basis. The subscription plan to use Netflix depends on your pocket size and the quality of video you desire. If you want HD/mp4, you’re looking at a higher price tag than if you just want the basics. However, new members who create an account with Netflix have a free subscription for the first month as a welcome gift. Currently, in about 200 countries, Netflix has daily subscribers who view their content and if Wall Street means anything, that number only seems to be rising.

3. Spotify
Spotify is another word for “the home of music.” Spotify is a digital media that gives you access to millions of music videos online. You simply join this platform by registering with your email and choosing a subscription plan you’re comfortable with. With Spotify app, apart from streaming videos, you also have the option of saving them to be viewed offline. This is not the same process as downloading though. One good feature of Spotify app is its social feature. Apart from watching videos all day, you can connect with Facebook, meet new friends, see what they are listening to and get music recommendations from them as well.

4. Amazon music
Amazon Music app came to spotlight on January 2007. It is managed by the famous online market store known as Amazon. As record has it, Amazon Music was the first store ever to sell music online, and that was a significant innovation on their part. It has its subscriptions and ways of selling music videos as well, and it gives good discounts to its best customers.

In conclusion, these TV apps are much related in the way they operate especially the services they render. To be honest with you, the only difference within these music apps is just the brand, ego and sound associated with them. Enjoy streaming and staying in tune with your favorite musicians using any of these apps.